DataDemon Software

DataDemon is a user-friendly graphical signal analysis tool. It is ideally suited to researchers who would like to focus on their knowledge about the signals being analyzed rather than the computer programing details. Users with minimal mathematical and computational expertise about the underlying signal processing algorithms can easily use the DataDemon software to analyze their data. The graphical interface of DataDemon allows researchers to assemble their own signal analysis flow charts, by combining input, output, and analysis components (represented as graphical blocks in a visual environment). In addition, the analysis toolkit implemented in the DataDemon software package is based on optimized computational algorithms, therefore, providing a fast computation environment.

DataDemon is the only signal analysis software which implemented Dr. Norden Huang's Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) method. The HHT technology is a highly efficient, adaptive, and user-friendly set of algorithms capable of analyzing time-varying processes. Designed specifically for nonlinear and nonstationary signals, the HHT can be used to analyze data in a wide variety of applications. In contrast, conventional Fourier transform-based analysis tools were developed to analyze stationary and linear signals. When apply to nonstationary signals, they often yield misleading, and sometime completely erroneous results. Furthermore, the HHT algorithms also provide increased accuracy when used to analyze linear and stationary signals.

The DataDemon brochure can be found HERE. A dedicated website was set up for promoting the software package, MyDataDemon. Please send an email to for a trial copy of the DataDemon software.